Monday, 12 March 2007


I really should be exceedingly happy at the moment, but for some reason i'm not. I mean, University prospects are looking up, the boyfriend is just about recovered, i got great exam results on Friday, and i got my blue belt in karate yesterday.

and yet, for some reason, i have this inexplicable feeling of unhappiness in my chest.

i think it might be the boyfriend's fault. this last week or so i've got the feeling he's being a bit funny with me, a little bit distant with me. i can't help but feel a little worried. i've been in love with this guy for over a year, but i'm scared that he's got bored of me. after all, i am acutely aware that i'm not much of a catch.

maybe it's not him, maybe its me. incapable of being truly happy for any amount of time.

cos thats how it feels...

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