Thursday, 1 March 2007

Where have I been?

Sorry I've been kinda quiet lately. Fistly I had my first round metamorfic_moon fic jumble to finish, which was a giant pain in the proverbial. Secondly I have been practising for a public speaking competition which happened last night (my team came third incidentally).

And last but far from least, my boyfriend was taken to hospital Sunday afternoon because he couldn't walk. Just woke up and couldn't walk, and twelve different doctors and umpteen different tests couldn't explain why. Cue raz getting only 2 hours sleep Sunday night cos she was worrying.

Thank you to everybody who has been there for me so that I can be there for him, it means the world to me guys.

Anyway, he's home now and walking better, but they still don't know what was wrong and he's still not walking properly. Fingers crossed it goes away and he gets better. Which means that (touch wood) I am good to concentrate on my fic for the final round of the Lover's Moon Fic Jumble.


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