Sunday, 8 July 2007


And strangely i'm not the gibbering wreck i should be after just seeing the end of your relationship written in your other half's eyes. not the teary eyed soul i should be after parting ways with someone i had begun to consider as being 'the one'.

ok, so I turned into a gibbering wreck on Friday night, and I cried until I was nearly sick, until I could cry no more. But that just shows that I am human after all.

But I'm not going to let him see that I'm not okay. Because love is a game and this time I won't lose. Because I've lost far too many times before. This time I'm going to be strong.

"Yeah I've had promises broken
Three words left unspoken
They just left me achin' for more
But I'll fight temptation
I won't be impatient
There's one thing that's worth waitin' for"

-LeAnn Rimes: Commitment

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