Friday, 28 September 2007

Right then, I do beleive I promised to most the rude, crude yet highly amusing football chants that my hall uses to indimidate, bully and otherwise generally impress other halls.

But first, I would like to comment that I now officially hate magpies. I have been here, what? five days now and it appears that my best friend is a bloody magpie. The stupid thing keeps following me around everywhere. That's right folks, I AM BEING STALKED BY A SODDING MAGPIE!!!!

The paranoia is setting in already.

I'll put my lovely chants under a cut, since they are really rather rude!

Carefree wherever you may be,
We are the Lincoln Infantry
And we don’t give a fuck whoever you may be,
Cos we are the Lincoln Infantry!

I’m Lincoln ‘til I die, I’m Lincoln ‘til I die,
I know I am, I’m sure I am,
I’m Lincoln ‘til I die!

On the road to Lenton,
There is a great Hall,
We are the people from Lincoln,
And we will shit on you all.

One for the boys:

Lincoln boys we are here,
Shag your women and drink your beer,
With a nick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone,
Lincoln Boys are coming home!

Rutland Ones;

Give me a ‘D’!
Give me a ‘I’!
Give me a ‘S’!
Give me a ‘C’!
Lets all have a disco and Rutland aren’t invited,
Na na na na hey, na na na na hey!

Rutland boys are illegitimate,
They aint got no birth certificates,
They got AIDS and can’t get rid of it,
Dirty Rutland Bastards!

Rutland take it up the arse doo dah, doo dah,
Rutland take it up the arse do da doo dah dey,
Do da doo dah dey, do da doo dah dey,
Rutland take it up the arse do da doo dah dey!

Honestly, you would think we were uncouth Football louts rather than people in Higher Education!

But it is rather fun…

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Carefree wherever you may be...

For months I have had this feeling of being in the eye of the storm, between the end of one phase of my life and not yet at the start of the next; on the edge of something important but not quite ready to jump. I suppose it was understandable; I had finished with school and was waiting to start university and I had split up with my boyfriend of seven months whom I had been in love with for far longer than that.

Well now I am here; the storm has hit. I have moved down to Nottingham and am now in the middle of fresher’s week. Already I can feel the difference in myself.

I have always been comfortable with my own company, and quite shy around new people, and while the former is still true I am more comfortable talking to new people after just a few days.

Though it is fresher’s week I’m not out every night partying; that’s just not my scene. That said, I was out at a club on Monday night dressed as a pirate!!! Spent the entire night dancing like a loon with people I have only known a few days and can barely remember the names of! On the bus back to halls of residence we were singing football like chants for our hall. Apparently there is a fierce rivalry between the different halls on campus, and everyone is extremely loyal to their hall. And apparently everybody hates Rutland!!! (luckily, I’m not in Rutland; I’m Lincoln til I die!)

Might post the chants at a later date, because some of them are highly amusing, if a little crude and sometimes downright nasty!

I am going to go to the end of week one party though since the Student’s Union have booked the whole of Rock City. There are a load of bands booked to play so it should be funky.

I am here. The next phase of my life has started, and even if I don’t plan on partying til I drop during Week One, I plan to make these next few years some of the best in my life!!! To that end I have joined up to about a million different societies.

Joined the Chemistry Society, since its chemistry I’m studying; joined the creative writing club to enhance my writing skills, and the book club because the people on the stall conned me into it! I also joined the Science Fiction and Fantasy club, because I am a great big geek, and I’m joining the Canoe club so I can go white water kayaking.

Seems like my lectures are going to start to get in the way of my social life!!!!