Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Carefree wherever you may be...

For months I have had this feeling of being in the eye of the storm, between the end of one phase of my life and not yet at the start of the next; on the edge of something important but not quite ready to jump. I suppose it was understandable; I had finished with school and was waiting to start university and I had split up with my boyfriend of seven months whom I had been in love with for far longer than that.

Well now I am here; the storm has hit. I have moved down to Nottingham and am now in the middle of fresher’s week. Already I can feel the difference in myself.

I have always been comfortable with my own company, and quite shy around new people, and while the former is still true I am more comfortable talking to new people after just a few days.

Though it is fresher’s week I’m not out every night partying; that’s just not my scene. That said, I was out at a club on Monday night dressed as a pirate!!! Spent the entire night dancing like a loon with people I have only known a few days and can barely remember the names of! On the bus back to halls of residence we were singing football like chants for our hall. Apparently there is a fierce rivalry between the different halls on campus, and everyone is extremely loyal to their hall. And apparently everybody hates Rutland!!! (luckily, I’m not in Rutland; I’m Lincoln til I die!)

Might post the chants at a later date, because some of them are highly amusing, if a little crude and sometimes downright nasty!

I am going to go to the end of week one party though since the Student’s Union have booked the whole of Rock City. There are a load of bands booked to play so it should be funky.

I am here. The next phase of my life has started, and even if I don’t plan on partying til I drop during Week One, I plan to make these next few years some of the best in my life!!! To that end I have joined up to about a million different societies.

Joined the Chemistry Society, since its chemistry I’m studying; joined the creative writing club to enhance my writing skills, and the book club because the people on the stall conned me into it! I also joined the Science Fiction and Fantasy club, because I am a great big geek, and I’m joining the Canoe club so I can go white water kayaking.

Seems like my lectures are going to start to get in the way of my social life!!!!

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