Saturday, 6 October 2007

Tattoo Designs....

Been playing around with tattoo designs today (instead of doing my lab write ups like i should be doing!) and I have managed to come up with what I want my lower back piece to look like in the end.

I already have the yin and yang with the crescent moons, but this is how i would like it to look when it is finished, except that I have two versions and can't quite decide wich one to finally go for lol.

My tattoo at the moment looks like this:

and the two finished designs I cant quite decide between are:


The writing in the first one says 'Goddess' at the top and 'God' at the bottom. The second one says 'An it harm none, do waht ye will.'

The first one looks better , but the second one is much more personal.

Well, this tattoo is a very personal one any way, with a lot of meaning to it. Never mind the fact that both me and my best friend both have the same basic design.

But I wanted it to be a bit bigger, a bit more. I love the cletic knots either side, and I definately want something written above and below in the Tengwar script, but I'm not sure which version I like best.

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