Thursday, 18 October 2007

This is what you get for letting me think....

I have been thinking (always a dangerous move for me) and no, before you ask, it didn't hurt.

This just proves that I really do have far too much time on my hands.

I have always wondered, considering the placebo effect, if you could sell tic tacs in a nightclub and pass them off as ecstasy. Tic tacs have always looked rather a lot like drugs to me (might just be me as well) and people probably would get high off them if you told them it was E. Now I'm not even remotely familiar with the going rate for illegal drugs (but I'll bet that it's well above inflation) but could you imagine the profit margin on a single packet of tic tacs?

Now if that thought amused me, it was nothing compared to what I considered next.

Now, I reckon that if you got caught selling them the police would have to let off since you weren't actually selling an illegal substance. I reckon you might have a couple of days inside a cell while the forensics bods worked out that your little white pills were in fact made by Ferrero and not manufactured by some ugly gangster and smuggled into the country inside a condom.

Thing is though, you would probably get let off the drugs charges only to find Trading Standards for false advertising...

Such is the world in which we live!

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