Tuesday, 2 October 2007

You learn a new thing everday...

Things I have learned recently:

1) I have been doing completely the wrong martial art for two years.

Friday night I went to a martial arts taster session. We got to try out some moves from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I spent the evening rolling around on the floor with my legs wrapped around a very nice lad called Harry. The fact we had only just met and we were in fact trying to break each others arms is inconsequential! ;P He thinks he's going to join the Ninjitsu club at the University and by some strange coincidence it looks like I'm going to be joining as well!

2) Jagermeister tastes like cough medicine.

Was at Nottingham Rock City Sunday night for the end of week one party. And what does one do when you are at the home of Rock in Nottingham? Drink some Jagermiester of course! I swear the stuff tastes like cough medicine, yet despite that it really is quite nice. I'm pretty sure it has the same effect as cough medicine as well as it got rid of my tickly cough that isn't going to turn into Fresher's Flu!

3) The Twang really aren't very good.

I had never even heard of them before I had the misfortune to see them live, and it turns out there is a good reason for that! Was right at the front at the start of the set cos most of the people in my Hall had heard of them and apparently like them; I decided pretty early on that they weren't worth me losing my hearing over, so I slunk off to start drinking the aforementioned Jagermeister. In my honest opinion, they would be a pretty decent band if the got rid of the two men they jokingly call 'singers'!

3) I love Somerfield!

As in the supermarket! Just went shopping for 'essentials' and managed to get the following for under four quid: wash powder, fabric softener, a pack of yoghurts, hot chocolate, cornflakes, sugar and four packets of instant noodles! I swear that place is student heaven! And the best thing about it is that the stuff I bought there doesn't taste like sh*t! The hot chocolate is some of the best I've had!

4) I am so going to work as a Chemistry lecturer when I graduate.

I would so fit in! Went to my first chemistry lecture yesterday. I sidled into the lecture theatre and sat down with sweaty palms, convinced that it was going to be uber hard and I wouldn't have a clue what was going on. The lights dimmed and there was quiet. There were words on the screen; A long time ago, in an empty galaxy far far away... Then the Star Wars theme tune starts playing. The complete chemical history of the universe is then related to us in scrolly yellow writing. When it is finished the periodic table looms over the screen, as ominous as a Star Destroyer. Then another song starts playing. This time it is Tom Lehrer's Elements Song. Which, if you've never heard it, is completely ridiculous. The entire lecture theatre is in stitches by this point! The lecturer introduces himself as Professor Martyn Poliakoff, brother of director Stephen Poliakoff. The lecture is on Atomic and Molecular Theory but is made interesting my amusing anecdotes about ants in microwaves and pictures of the people whose theory's we are talking about. In short; my professor is completely, utterly and thoroughly mental! It's brilliant. I think I might marry him if he wasn't sixty, probably already married with kids and grandkids! And if that doesn't prove how mental he is, he had quite obviously modelled his hairstyle on Albert Einstein! My new life ambition is to be a mad University Professer

And if you have never heard Tom Lehrer's Elements Song, your life will not be complete until you click this link:

There may be many others but they haven't been discovered

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