Thursday, 29 November 2007

My name is Nymphadora Tonks, and I am a klutz

I am such an utter tit, it is almost incomprehensible.

I am currently sat in my study with my feet up, not because I have worked exceptionally hard this week and deserve a well earned break. Oh no, far from it. I am sat with my feet up because I took a spectacularly embarrassing fall down the steps of a lecture theatre this morning and have torn the ligaments in my ankle. And I fell down said steps whilst leaving a lecture I DIDN'T ACTUALLY NEED TO BE IN!

Now if the University staff could just make their emails a little less incomprehensible to us ere mortals, maybe I wouldn't be in this position. It means I can't physically go to my lectures this afternoon and I can't do my labs tomorrow. I have never been so glad that I am efficient in the lab and am far enough ahead that missing tomorrow really isn't the end of the world. Never mind I had hoped to finish this lab series tomorrow.

As it is I'm waiting for my mother to come pick me up so I can go be an invalid at home. Doesn't quite make up for the fact that I can't walk without it hurting like hell. On the plus side it means I'm getting some washing done.

I do love my mates though, they're being brilliant. Making sure I get notes for lectures I've missed and helping me get my work in on time since I can't drop it off myself. They call me Tonks, and I keep telling them that it's not just because I have pink hair, it's because I’m a complete klutz.

Guess I just gone and proved that one!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Christmas Bells Are Ringing... Out Of Town!!

Have jsut signed up for the Winter Wonderland Advent at metamorfic_moon even though I quite blatantly don't have time to write for it. And that's depsite the fact the limit is 5000 words!

Let's see,I get home on the 16th of December, have a driving lesson on the 16th and my test on the 21st. I have a grand total of seven exams to revise for for January (or learn, depending on how you look at it). I'm also harbouring ambitions to get my novel finished before Crimblemas as I'm hoping to present the first draft to my mother. On top of that I also have at least two assignments to do between now and the end of term. And that's not even taking into account all of my friends who are gonna want to drag me and all of the Christmas socials I really can't afford to go to.

Looks like I'm going to have to stock up on the coffee because sleep might have to go right out of the window!!!

Despite the moaning, I am going to get all my work done write two fics for metamorfic_moon, finish my novel on time, pass my driving test and get at least 45% on all my exams.

Will keep you posted

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Think you're having a bad day?

I think I might just have had the worst day ever in the history of suicidally horrible days.

Everything was alright until four o’clock when I had a maths lecture and workshop. Being my reading week, I have fewer lectures than normal (fewer than lots still being many). The first hour went great; I actually knew what I was doing despite having missed a lecture last week. Then we got the results of the assignment we were given a fortnight ago. Thirty-five percent. Pass mark is forty. Bugger.

I spent the next hour alternately debating slitting my wrists and downing a bottle of vodka. My mood was not helped by the fact the workshop overran by about fifteen minutes. Went to dinner in the foulest mood ever and as a result of me being late, got the vegetarian option to choose from. Was okay really, but what I wouldn’t have given for a proper home cooked meal at that point.

Decided to get it out of my system by going to a bike ride. Viciously cycled into Beeston and decided to nip to Sainsbury’s to buy myself a nice bottle of wine to cheer myself up (and yes, before you point it out to me, I do know that alcohol is a depressant). Paid for my wine and got back to where my bike was tethered only to discover I had apparently lost my keys. The key for my building, for my room, for the bike shed, for my bike lock and my computer lock. Not only would this mean me having to walk home and hope my roommate was in, but it would also cost me about £30 in lost deposits. I am a poor student; £30 is immense riches to me.

So there’s me, running around Sainsbury’s looking like a tit, looking for my keys, nearly in tears because it’s a half hour walk home in the dark and I don’t even know if I can get in when I get back. Thankfully, my keys weren’t lost but on their lanyard around my next. Instead of in my pocket like they usually are. Wonderful. This really helped with me feeling like an complete and utter tit.

Cycled home with my bottle of wine, which coincidentally is something I am never attempting ever again. Was absolutely paranoid about dropping it. Managed to get halfway home and successfully navigate a main road and around about with bottle still intact. Only when I got back to University Park and thus five minutes from home did I drop the bloody thing. Made quite an impressive smash actually, but at that point I was really trying my best not to cry. Cycled off and round to the lake to sit and sulk in the dark and to the only thing a girl can do when she’s having a bad day; ring my mum.

Turns out she was having an equally crappy day and together we lamented out mutual lack of wine.

Finally got back to my room (which smells of disinfectant due to me cleaning the new modification to my ear) and discovered that, despite my protests to the contrary, I really am a typical student. Somehow, and I fear I will never be able to explain it, the detritus from my late night instant noodle snack the other day had managed to plaster itself all over one of my nice shiny new (and very expensive) text books, and all over my bed. It’s the last time I’m ever eating those noodles because it looked like someday had vomited in my bed, it really did.

After all that I did the only possible sensible thing and now I have a bottle of Lambrini coursing through my veins. I swear its stronger than it used to be. Or maybe its cos I haven’t drunk much since I came to university that its affecting me more (and here I still hold the moral high ground on me not being a typical student). Or maybe its cos I haven’t actually drunk the stuff since I was fourteen, but it was cheap so who’s complaining?

Am now really looking forward to going home on Thursday. I don’t care how old I am, all I want is a hug from my mum. And a bottle of wine. And watching Mark Harmon on the telly with a tube Pringles.


Thursday, 1 November 2007


Livejournal is GAY!

With a capital G and a capital AY!!

Apparently it has decided not to notify me when people comment on my journal, so at the moment I absolutely no idea when people comment on my entries at metamorfic_moon. So I seem like an ignorent little oik cos I'm not replying to all the nice things people are saying grr!

Okay rant over.

In other news, university is going great. I'm really enjoying myself, but am also really looking forward to going home next week. I have missed my mum's cooking and all I can't wait for next Friday night when I will be sat drinking a bottle of wine, eating pringles and watching Mark Harmon with my mum. Oh yes, I can't wait.

We have decided to get up of our arse and actually write some fic outside of metamorfic_moon's fic jumbles. Thus, I ahve started work on a post DH epic that is only slightly AU. Have shot the first chapter off to shwenny so hopefully it should be up next week.

Unfortunately all this fic means that the story I should be working on, ie my novel, is sadly being neglected. Am going to draw up some notes for the chapters I am stuck on at the weekend, and hopefully that will kill my writers block. I want to get it finished by christmas cos I plan on presenting the completed first draft to my mother as her present.

And in between all that I promise I will try to get a degree. Honest.