Thursday, 1 November 2007


Livejournal is GAY!

With a capital G and a capital AY!!

Apparently it has decided not to notify me when people comment on my journal, so at the moment I absolutely no idea when people comment on my entries at metamorfic_moon. So I seem like an ignorent little oik cos I'm not replying to all the nice things people are saying grr!

Okay rant over.

In other news, university is going great. I'm really enjoying myself, but am also really looking forward to going home next week. I have missed my mum's cooking and all I can't wait for next Friday night when I will be sat drinking a bottle of wine, eating pringles and watching Mark Harmon with my mum. Oh yes, I can't wait.

We have decided to get up of our arse and actually write some fic outside of metamorfic_moon's fic jumbles. Thus, I ahve started work on a post DH epic that is only slightly AU. Have shot the first chapter off to shwenny so hopefully it should be up next week.

Unfortunately all this fic means that the story I should be working on, ie my novel, is sadly being neglected. Am going to draw up some notes for the chapters I am stuck on at the weekend, and hopefully that will kill my writers block. I want to get it finished by christmas cos I plan on presenting the completed first draft to my mother as her present.

And in between all that I promise I will try to get a degree. Honest.

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