Thursday, 29 November 2007

My name is Nymphadora Tonks, and I am a klutz

I am such an utter tit, it is almost incomprehensible.

I am currently sat in my study with my feet up, not because I have worked exceptionally hard this week and deserve a well earned break. Oh no, far from it. I am sat with my feet up because I took a spectacularly embarrassing fall down the steps of a lecture theatre this morning and have torn the ligaments in my ankle. And I fell down said steps whilst leaving a lecture I DIDN'T ACTUALLY NEED TO BE IN!

Now if the University staff could just make their emails a little less incomprehensible to us ere mortals, maybe I wouldn't be in this position. It means I can't physically go to my lectures this afternoon and I can't do my labs tomorrow. I have never been so glad that I am efficient in the lab and am far enough ahead that missing tomorrow really isn't the end of the world. Never mind I had hoped to finish this lab series tomorrow.

As it is I'm waiting for my mother to come pick me up so I can go be an invalid at home. Doesn't quite make up for the fact that I can't walk without it hurting like hell. On the plus side it means I'm getting some washing done.

I do love my mates though, they're being brilliant. Making sure I get notes for lectures I've missed and helping me get my work in on time since I can't drop it off myself. They call me Tonks, and I keep telling them that it's not just because I have pink hair, it's because I’m a complete klutz.

Guess I just gone and proved that one!

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