Friday, 4 January 2008

My first meme of 2008!

Haven't posted in a while so I thought i'd kick of 2008 with this meme nicked from a friend on facebook

SINCE 2007 STARTED: (All that time ago lol)

1. Have you had a gf/bf?: Brought in '07 with one, didn’t bring in '08 with him though

2. Have you had your birthday?: Yes, and its hurtling towards me again

3. Been to church?: Yeah for some rededication thing

4. Cried yet?: In 07, lots.

5.Had sex?: See aforementioned boyfriend comment

6 Had someone close to you pass away?: Yes. My favourite Great Aunt Passed away the week I started UNI and mum didn’t tell me

7 Pulled an all nighter?: Tried to lol

8 Drank starbucks?: NO, I prefer my coffee homemade and non corporation-like (ran away from me lol)

9 Gone shopping?: *blank, disbeleiving stare*

10. Gone to the movies?: Couple of times

11 Been to the beach? Yup

12 Bought something for over $200?: Bought my sports membership which was over £100

13 Met someone new?: Loads of fabulous people

14 Been out of your home state?: Several times

15. Gone snowboarding?: No, not that I wuold be adverse to going snowboarding

[[In The Past Month...]]

1. Kissed someone?: Yeah my best mate Shwenny at New Year

2. Slept in a friend's bed?: Shwenny again

3. Snuck someone over?: Nope

4. Snuck out of your own house?: Nope

5. Been in a bar?: Oh yes

6. Lied?: not that I know of

7. Gotten a car?: Driving is a touchy subject, so no

8. Gone over your cell phone bill?: Nah, cos my mum pays it now!

9. Been called a whore? Not in my hearing

10. Drove somewhere?: Got driven home for Xmas

11. Done something you regret?: I don’t believe in regret. Theorectically


Things you bought lately?: Alcohol lol

Person you hugged?: Mum

Person to call you?: Some random personwho hung up on me

When was the last time you felt stupid? Crying on Mark at Spider’s

When was the last time you walked/ran over a mile?: Mile? Walk? Run? No comprende

Who was the last person who saw you cry?: Mark

Who was the last person who made you cry?: Aforementioned Ex Boyfriend

Who was the last person you watched a movie with?: Watched Star Wars; New Hope with my bros the other day

Who was the last person you danced with?: Can’t rememebr. I dance all the time lol

Who did you last yell at?: Antbody I was in Spider’s with, its bloody loud lol

Who last told you they loved you?: Shwenny

Who makes you smile most?: Depends on what they’re doing as to who lol

What are you listening to right now?: Nightwish; Slaying the Dreamer

What did you do yesterday?: Revised Biochemistry, got a new tattoo, farted around for a bit, went to the scouty xmas dinner yum!

Hugs or kisses?: Both are great lol

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