Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Philosophers have pondered this question for centuries. Religions have attempted to help us answer the questions, and Douglas Adams succeeded (the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything being of course 42). But none of the answers given seem to agree with each other, and I think I know why.

There is no universal meaning of life.

Think about it, if there WAS an objective, universal meaning to life, wouldn’t we have found it by now? And wouldn’t it be boring if the life of every single person on this planet meant exactly the same thing?

Infer what you will from this; that this is proof that there is no God or whatever, but I think I know why there isn’t a true meaning to Life Itself.

There is no objective, absolute, universal meaning to Life because it is down to each individual person to give their own life as much meaning as possible. It is up to YOU to find the meaning in YOUR life. Fill your life with as many amazing experiences as you possibly can; do something wonderful for someone else; help out a person in need; do something that absolutely terrifies you, just to prove you’re alive; love fiercely with your whole heart every single time; learn to forgive, no matter what wrong has been done to you; live each day as if it’s your last. Make the most out of every single moment you have been given so that you can look back over what you have done and know that even though you cannot know THE meaning of Life, you do know the meaning in YOUR life.

I believe that if a person can do all this, then it won’t matter that the philosophers and thinkers can’t find the true meaning of life, because you will have given your own life more meaning than they ever could. Do you really want to wait around for someone else to tell you the meaning of your own life? I know I don’t, which is why I will do my best to do every single one of the things I have mentioned.

I will take every opportunity that comes my way, and never ever turn down an experience I’ve never had before; I will do wonderful things for other people, and I will help them out when they need me; I will still do things even though they scare the hell out of me; I will love with my whole heart, no matter how many times it gets broken and I will learn to forgive those who have hurt me. I will live each day as if its my last, and make every moment count. I will let the people I love give meaning to my life. So that I WILL be able to look back over my life and think ‘I did the best I could with what I’ve got; I made the most out of what I was given.’

I don’t care about ‘the meaning of life’ because I already know the meaning in mine.

And because I already know it; 42, of course.

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