Monday, 14 April 2008


Love. It's a funny word isn't it? We think we know what it means, but we don't. Even when we feel it we can't define it. You can't describe how you love someone, you just know that you do. It is a term that is universal yet undefinable; something unique and remarkable.

And can you ever pinpoint the exact moment you fell in love with someone? I don't think so. You can only pinpoint the moment it hit you that was how you felt about them. The actual falling in love part happened sometime before.

Is it really a tangible thing, then?

"If music be the food of love, play on," said Orsino.

It's only when you're in love yourself that you understand what the love songs are about. And then you realise that they're right, every single one of them. Yes, love can hurt, but it is also true that the pleasure is worth all the pain. That feeling of elation you get when it's going right far outweighs the feeling of hurt when it all goes wrong.

No matter how many times a heart is broken it can still heal and learnt to love again. It is an amazing thing. And even though it is intangible and undefinable, love is fundamental to making us human.

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