Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Letter to an Old Friend- Mark II

Yesterday marked a year since we parted ways, and I barely even noticed it. There was no significance to the day for me, I wonder if anything registered in your mind.

For me the important thing is not the fact I missed it; I want to tell you why I missed it.

I missed what could have been a significantly miserable marker in my life because right now I am the happiest I have been in a very, very long time. I missed the first anniversary of our breaking up because I am far more focussed on the far more important fact that I am coming up to the half year anniversary with someone else.

I refuse to compare you to him, or him to you, because that's not fair on either of you. But I will tell you that I love him, completely, with my whole heart and every fibre of my being. With him I can be myself, in ways I never could with you, and I know that he loves me, completely, for the person that I am.

I found my knight in shining armour, I found the man who could set my soul on fire. He taught me how to love again, deeper and stronger than ever before. Because of him I am now free of my fear of the future; I am free to be myself. He tells me I am beautiful and I believe him, because it is written in his eyes. When did you ever tell me I was beautiful?

I still do not regret the time we had together, and I know that I will never forget you, but I have moved on now, and I hope that you have too. I hope that you are happy. I know that I am completely, utterly, totally happy. I have found someone who feels like the other half of my soul, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life (which I am no longer afraid to plan) finding out if he is.

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