Friday, 1 January 2010

Farewell 2009, Hullo Future

2009 was a bit of an odd year. A very busy and stressful year, and part of me is glad it’s over.

This year saw me enter my twenties, reach the halfway point in my degree (with a 2:1 so far), work through some quite serious family injuries. It saw me break up with my boyfriend, get back together with my boyfriend, get confused about my ex-ex and a few other boys. It saw me finally start to accept and define my sexuality, have it insulted by friends, have it accepted by my mother but not by my gran. This year I’ve had to work through a very good friend of mine being diagnosed with cancer, and helping him deal with his treatment while feeling utterly helpless. I ended up in counselling for five weeks to help me deal with issues triggered by my friends illness, and came out of it not knowing if it had done anything. I’ve toyed with the idea of being bipolar or depressed, but never done anything about it. I’ve gotten frustrated about my weight, decided to do something about it, tried, failed and repeated the loop several times. I’ve resolved to start karate again but not managed to. I’ve set up my own business, in addition to my degree, and started designing t shirts.

I’ve cooked weird food, experimented with clothes, laughed, cried and shouted. I’ve listened to good music, and some crap music. Same with books (only reading, not listening) I’ve found I prefer older tv series to what’s on air right now. I've dealt with gaming addiction and the inevitable withdrawal symptoms. I've been to the theatre, seen Eddie Izzard, been to the cinema more times than most of the rest of my life. I've gotten drunk, had parties and been hungover. I've made my own cider, raised money for charity and gotten re elected for a second year as Vice President of Sci Fi society. I've made friends, lost friends and kept in touch with the people i thought i'd lose.

So now it’s 2010, a new year, a new decade, and with it new opportunities. 2009 was a weird year for me; I hope some of the things happen again, but wouldn’t wish for many things to happen ever again. I hope that 2010 brings with it lots of new opportunities. And flying cars. I want my flying car dammit!

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