Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hip, thigh and bum fat beneficial to health?

Finally some news I can get behind. The BBC is reporting some research from Oxford University that says that a bit of fat around the hips, thighs and bottom could be,wait for it... good for your health. Finally we have some scientific research that advocates curves on women.


"It is shape that matters and where the fat gathers."

not your weight that matters. This ties in with things I've been saying all along (which will no doubt end up on this blog at some point). There are flaws with the view that fat is bad, weight is bad. Now this research is telling us that far from being bad, fat in some areas might actually have some health benefits.

"Hip fat mops up harmful fatty acids and contains an anti-inflammatory agent that stops arteries clogging, they say.

Big behinds are preferable to extra fat around the waistline, which gives no such protection, the Oxford team said."

But tummy fat is still bad, according to their research, which is a bit of a shame. I'm packing the fat around my thighs bum and hips, but I also have quite a large amount of fat around my tummy. Still, it's not all doom and gloom; this means that I can focus my weight loss aims on getting rid of that tummy, and if some of the fat stays around by thighs and bum well, it can stay.

I know my boyfriend won't mind me being able to lose weight and keep my curves. Sounds like today, just once, everybody wins.

Read the full article here

Thanks to @followthethread for putting me on to it.

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