Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Naughty Week

After my bad day on Saturday and my post on Sunday (was it really that long ago) I've relaxed a bit.

I decided that, although my feelings towards my size and shape are still very much valid, I need a little leeway right now. I still have one exam left, it was my two year anniversary with Sam yesterday and it's my birthday next week. I figured that these are all events that mean I will be terribly tempted to break my own self imposed rules and I would end up feeling very guilty if I did. I had a word with Sam and we decided (because, bless him, he's going to join me in following my diet and fitness plan) that I would start my diet in February. In the meantime I'm going to be as good as possible, but now I have the leeway to have a chocolate bar if my exam goes badly. It also means I can celebrate my birthday in style, and I don't have to feel guilty about the Chinese banquet Sam and I shared last night (it was incredibly yummy).

D-day has been set for February 1st, and my aim from then on will be to get back into my size 18 jeans by the end of the year (an ambitious goal I know, but there's a saying about aiming for the stars). We have bought the skipping ropes, and Sam has tried his out and assures me that we'll both be fit in no time. I've also filled two 2 litre bottles with water and have been doing some simple weights exercises with them today.

One exam to go, and afterwards I think I'll treat myself to a glass of wine.

Aim for the stars, even if you miss you might still make it to the moon (in the very least you'll avoid shooting yourself in the foot).


  1. You and I have almost the same birthday. :) Also, the skipping rope is killer. That's part of my workout and...yeah. Prepare for battle.

  2. I like your thinking!!! :) You can get there. I am going on a new diet/weight loss thing as well. I've been under stress from work and school and I've been going crazy!!!!
    You're doing awesome. Keep it up! :)