Sunday, 10 January 2010

Obsesity in the Press

It seems the newspapers are more full of relevant material than I thought at the moment. It seems the Telegraph in particular likes talking about fat people, I'm not sure whether they're on our side or against us (although to be honest if they are doing their job properly it should be neither). First there was this article about an elitist dating website kicking off 5000 members for putting on weight over Christmas.

Today they published this article about plans to weigh all pregnant women regularly to prevent obesity in their children. Personally I'm not terribly sure how that will stop the children becoming obese in later life. Surely if the mother is obese it would be apparent before she became pregnant? And while I am aware there are some genetic reasons for obesity, surely weighing the mother during pregnancy isn't going to prevent these traits from surfacing.

Th article is quite well written, in my opinion, though it does suffer from one fatal flaw. The article says that
"Some think only women who are underweight or overweight should have their weight regularly checked."
I like how this is the only mention of underweight women in the article. Yes, there are dangers with obesity, and even more so with pregnancy, but there are also issues with being underweight too. Why does this article focus solely on the problems of being pregnant and obese and ignore the issues concerned with underweight pregnancies? Probably just another example of the anti-fat mentality that this country is fostering (with media and government backing).

I think that we should be doing all that we can to ensure every pregnancy has the best outcome for both mother and baby, regardless of weight issues. Its a shame that the move to closer monitoring during pregnancy has to be done under the flag of the War on Obesity. It's articles like this that make me feel only one step above the Nazis in the eyes of the Government and the people of this country.

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