Monday, 1 February 2010


Well, today is D-Day; the day when my diet officially starts. And honestly, I’m nervous as hell. As much as I want to lose this weight, I am rubbish at sticking to a diet of any kind. I manage to three of four days and then it kind of trails off. I forget I’m on a diet, or I have a bad day and pig out. When I go off track I find it quite hard to get back on track. I’m really hoping Sam’s going to be able to get me to keep going even when I don’t want to.

So far I’m doing okay, but then I’ve only had breakfast so far today. I have decided to compromise on one item: the drinking of the water. As a general rule I can’t stand drinking water straight from the tap, and there’s no way I’m buying bottled water in the amounts I’m going to need. That would bankrupt me. So I’m going to allow myself to drink fruit cordials. It’s only about 10 calories per pint I’ll be drinking, and I figured I’d be better drinking that, which I will actually do, than trying to make myself drink water and failing miserably.

At the end of the day, these are my rules, and I’m the only one I’ll let down if I break them. This diet is full of a few little compromises as it is, and I’m hoping that this will make me more inclined to stick to it. I want to lose weight and drop dress sizes, but I sure as hell want to avoid making myself miserable over it.

I’ve yet to work out the calorie content of more than a handful of recipes, but it’ll come. Managed to knock together an awesome soup the other day; I’ve a feeling that vegetable soups are going to become a very good friend of mine.

Finally, I found some old fat metabolise tablets in a cupboard from a previous attempt to lose weight. They’re still in date, so I figure I might as well add those to my diet until they run out. I know that they’re not going to be a magic pill that will help me shed pounds and pounds, but they might just enhance the work I intent to be doing. It does mean that I have to cut back on my coffee intake though, as they contain fairly high levels of caffeine. I don’t really mind though, as I was starting to cut down on the coffee and move over to tea, water and cordial anyway. Now I just have an extra incentive.

Wish me luck

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