Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pancake Day and Progress Report

Monday sees me enter the third week of this diet. It also represents one of the most challenging weeks I will have had since starting my diet, for this week has Pancake Day. The one day of the year we devote to eating obscene amounts of carbohydrate and sugar. Which doesn't look like good news for my diet.

I AM planning to eat lots of pancakes, because I'm hosting an event for friends and I'm not slaving over a hot pan for hours just so they can eat. Also, I was fully aware of Pancake Day when I decided to start my diet, and I already have it allocated as one of my naughty days. I do plan on there being a variety of pancakes at my event though.

One of my house mates is planning on making buckwheat pancakes. These are usually savoury, and are made with buckwheat flour, which is gluten free (he's coeliac). I am also planning on making Finnish pancakes from this recipe. The advantage of this recipe is that it uses lots of eggs, and less flour than regular pancake recipes. There will also be plenty of traditional pancakes on offer, but the range of recipes we have means I can minimise the negative impact the day will have on my plans.

Positive news though, I've had the first sign that the diet is actually working. Today I was having a sort through of clothes that don't fit are too scruffy or I no longer wear to clear out my wardrobe. I came across a couple of pairs of jeans than I'd dismissed as being too small that are now quite comfortable to wear. The pair of jeans I'm currently wearing has two buttons on them, and ever since I've got them I've not been able to fasten the top one up. Today, I could fasten both buttons comfortably.

The thing that really made my day though, was trying on my skirt. I acknowledge that it is made of a fairly stretchy material, but there's only so far it will stretch. I managed to fit into this skirt, which made me very happy because it's a size 16. Size 16! My ideal size is 18 and I already fit into a smaller size than that! I'm not taking this as indicative, but it was a hell of a self esteem booster and is going to spur me on to make sure I get down to my ideal weight/size.

I've not dropped a dress size yet, despite what my skirt might tell me, but there has been definite progress. I know I can get to where I want to be, but I'm also increasingly aware that since I'm the one this benefits, this has to be done on my time. So, I'm going to enjoy my carbohydrate and sugar filled day on Tuesday, because Pancake Day is fun and even fat girls deserve a treat once in a while. Even fat girls deserve fun. I'm just going to make sure the rest of my week is full of protein and vegetables to make up for Pancake Day.

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