Monday, 15 March 2010

A Fairly Quick Update

Wow, haven’t updated this blog in a while. That’s mostly been because its mad deadline season at uni. I’m not going to apologise; this is my blog and I’ve been busy. This does mean that the BMI essay I’ve been getting excited about is on the back burner for now. Maybe I’ll write it over the Easter holiday. Here is, however, a quick update.

  • There has been some more noticeable progress with the weight loss. I can now fasten buttons on my lab coat that I couldn’t before.
  • I started taking multivitamins, at the behest of a friend’s mother, and I can honestly say I feel much better. It’s obvious that with my diet as limited as it was I wasn’t getting enough essential nutrients.
  • I bought some slim fast shakes, and they’re not bad. I don’t normally like milkshakes, so I was surprised by how nice these were. I’m not following the plan or anything; they’re mostly to add some variety to breakfast and to fill in for lunch when I don’t know what to have.
  • I’m considering getting some fibre supplements to take. With the change in the amount of carbohydrates in my diet (from stupidly large amounts to just under normal) it’s become obvious that fibre is slightly lacking in my diet.
  • One thing I’ve started to notice is that I don’t seem to feel the full sensation properly. I’ve had really quite hearty meals that I’ve felt ravenous afterwards, even though I know I can’t possibly hungry. This might help to explain the overeating I’ve been very guilty of, and hopefully will allow me to avoid it in the future. If my iron will can’t combat it, I’m tempted to go to a doctor to get some appetite suppressing drugs.
  • The whole exercise thing is going pretty well too. I’ve not really been doing much in the way of cardio workout, but I’ve been doing lots of walking. You wouldn’t believe how much exercise gets done when I’m running round the lab four afternoons a week. In addition to this walks around the local area are starting to happen more. Which is good because there are also lots of pretty places round here.
  • I'm managed to stick to the alcohol promise I made myself, so far. Despite having a bit too much to drink at a party on Saturday, I didn't buy any of it myself. And I tried my best to balance the calories for the day so I wasn't too over my limits.
I'm also starting to feel quite a lot more positive about myself. This was helped immensely by the shedload of compliments I received at the party on Saturday, from someone I only met that night. So far, it seems like I'm well on my way o a healthier, happier me.

Interesting things I have found out tonight:

How to make ice cream out of bananas.

How to make an omelette without a frying pan.

And also a really awesome new recipe for potatoes that I can’t find the link for.

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