Saturday, 22 May 2010

Growing Fat Acceptance and Lots of Links

So my involvement and practising of Fat Acceptance is coming on leaps and bounds. I'm about half way through Linda Bacon's Health at Every Size, and so far I agree with almost everything she's said. I am however, exercising caution and trying to stay objective about the materiel in the book. I am very aware that the contents of the book could very easily become a new dogma, even as it strives to take down the dogma of the diet culture. Linda Bacon is a very highly qualified scientist, and her book presents the science that you might not have been allowed to see, and explains the facts as we understand them now. All in all I'm very happy with the book so far, and I recommend that anyone interested in fat acceptance or another perspective on how fat and health are related should try to get hold of a copy.

I still haven't received Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere, as it's at my parent's house waiting for them to send it down to me, but I am very much looking forward to reading it. After I have finished with these two book I intend to get both Dawn French's and Jo Brand's autobiographies. Never been much of one for autobiographies (Roald Dahl's being the exception) but I think they will prove very interesting reading.

I've also added to the repertoire of fat acceptance and body positive blogs I read, and trying to add more fat and body positive folks on twitter. I think this is the crucial part of my FA, as it is the building of a community of like minded individuals which will really help me finally accept my body as it is. Some of them are very outspoken and brash on the subject, but all of them come across as wonderful people in their blogs.

I have also started listening to the Two Whole Cakes Fatcast, which is definately worth a listen.

I'm also starting to be more vocal on the subject, having had a few discussions on the subject of FA and HAES with some of my friends. In addition to this blog appearing in my facebook and twitter feeds, I'm also starting to comment more on FA related matter on both those social networking sites. While it's not exactly a secret that I'm fat, I'm determined that people, and in particular people I know well are aware that dieting is no longer something that I believe in and that I am on the path towards body acceptance.

I've also made progress on a more personal level. I have relinquished the dichotomy of good food/ bad food, and am learning to spot when I start thinking along those lines. For example I wanted some chips as an afternoons snack, and my brain automatically went into the 'this is bad but I don't care' mode of thinking. I managed to catch myself and correct myself; there is not such thing as 'good' food or 'bad' food, only food (more on this at a later date).

I've also gotten better at recognising when I'm starting to feel hungry and eating then, rather than eating at set times. This has been vastly helped by the fact it is exam season and I have very little in the way of an actual schedule at the moment. I'm less good at recognising the signs that I'm full and stopping eating then, but I'm working on that. There are a few exercises in Health at Every Size that I want to try out, after exams.

This post is my 30th post, and I'm amazed at what I've managed to achieve in that. When I started this blog less than six months ago I was a miserable fat person with next to no bodily self esteem who wanted to blog about a diet to keep on the wagon as it were. Now I'm still fat, but I no longer believe dieting is the answer to higher self esteem and am constantly improving in my body acceptance. I'm no longer miserable, and I'm starting to learn that other people's opinion of my body, whether they consider it attractive or not, will never change the basic fact that it is a fat body.

So while I tackle the rest of my exams with gusto, I will leave you with a bunch of links to check out. Please do read what these people have to say, and if anyone can put me onto a blog written by a fat accepting male, that would be brilliant.

Fat/Body Positive Blogs

Twitter Folks to follow

@fatheffalump @moreofmetolove @52stations @fatshionista @peggyelam @therotund @bigfatdeal @ninjaclutz @mopie

and also @captainraz (which is me!)

Lesley Kinzel from Fatshionista and Marianne Kirby from The Rotund talk about fat, fashion and politics


  1. Thank you so much for the link love. I love that by your following me on Twitter, I am led to your blog, to discover that you read mine.

    Fat Acceptance has brought me some amazing connections with women (and even some men) all over the world, it's pretty damn awesome.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment!

    The internet is a wonderful invention. Could you imagine this kind of supportive worldwide community growing without the internet? I sure can't.

    As it is, I'm not aware of any real presence of the FA movement where I love, or even in the UK in general, so it's nice to have an online community to turn to.

    Hope you keep reading!

  3. I've subscribed via my trusty Google Reader!

  4. Awesome! Thank you very much.