Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The New Bike and Learning to Feel Better

So I got a new bike recently. Well, the bike itself isn’t actually new, but it’s new to me. It’s a hand me up from my little brother, because he’s a big boy now and has a moped and no use for a push bike. But I’m chuffed to pieces with my new bike.

Up until now I’ve been cycling round on my child’s mountain bike that I’ve had for about 12 years, which doesn’t make for very effective cycling. Child’s bicycles are not meant for 250 lb adults, or adults of any size/shape/weight etc. It’s incredibly cramped and difficult to ride, which has meant that I’ve avoided cycling if I possibly can.

But my new bike is all shiny, full size and a decent mountain bike so it has all the awesome suspension and everything. I took it out for a test spin the other day and I’m very pleased with it. It does, however, need a few things doing to it. My brother had managed to do something very odd with the seat and now there’s a big bolt that sticks into my inner thigh when I’m cycling, which isn’t very comfortable.

And also ripped my trousers, grrr.

But now I have this new bike that is a pleasure not a chore to ride, I’m hoping I can get out and do more cycling. Especially now that the weather is starting to improve and becoming more like cycling weather.

I know I need to increase the amount of exercise I do, and I know that when I do increase my exercise I’ll start to feel better about myself. But I won’t be exercising to lose weight. I’m still in the fledgling part of Fat Acceptance, but I honestly don’t see me going back to the diet mentality. Going back to the diet mentality will take the pleasure out of exercise, and ensure that I stop doing it.

I want to do more exercise because it’s god for me, not because it will help me lose weight. And having a new bike means that I can get outside, get some fresh air, do some exercise and feel better about myself.

And at the end of the day that’s what the true aim of this blog always has been and always will be about, helping me learn to feel better about the person I am.

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