Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fatties Are...

I apologise for neglecting this blog slightly. In the last few weeks I've discovered tumblr, which is fun, fast and addictive. It's kind of like blogging had a secret love child with twitter. Also I was hovering at 42 posts on this blog, which everyone even slightly geeky knows is the best number ever.

Anyway, here is a post I wrote a few weeks ago.


Fatties are…
Fatties are blonde. Ftties are brunettes. Fatties are redheads. Fatties have hair colours that are bright and come out of bottles.

Fatties have blue eyes. Fatties have brown eyes. Fatties have green eyes. Fatties have eyes of different colours.

Fatties are tall. Fatties are short. Fatties come in heights somewhere and everywhere in between.

Fatties are doctors. Fatties are nurses. Fatties are teachers. Fatties are builders. Fatties are factory workers. 

Fatties are binmen and women. Fatties are police officers. Fatties are sex workers.

Fatties are academic. Fatties are practical. Fatties get good grades at school. Fatties get bad grades at school.

Fatties are healthy. Fatties are unhealthy. Fatties are anywhere in between, because health is a spectrum not 
a black and white issue.

Fatties get married. Fatties have kids. Fatties are in relationships, with men and women and people somewhere in between. Fatties are single and unhappy. Fatties are single and quite happy. Fatties are in relationships and don’t want marriage or kids. Fatties are in relationships and struggle to have children.

Fatties are in relationships and are happy. Fatties are in relationships and are unhappy. Fatties are in relationships with other fatties. Fatties are in relationships with people who are not fatties. Fatties are in relationships of all kinds, both romantic and non-romantic.

Fatties are heterosexual. Fatties are homosexual. Fatties are attracted to both men and women. Fatties are attracted to more than one person at a time. Fatties aren’t attracted to people sexually at all.

Fatties read books. Fatties write stories. Fatties paint and draw pictures. Fatties dance. Fatties play football. Fatties dance. Fatties play video games. Fatties play D&D. Fatties play sports. Fatties swim. Fatties go skydiving.

Fatties are scared of heights. Fatties are afraid of spiders. Fatties are afraid of clowns. Fatties are fearless.

Fatties eat chocolate. Fatties eat lasagne. Fatties eat salad. Fatties eat what they damned well please.

Fatties are vegetarians. Fatties are vegan. Fatties are committed carnivores. Fatties eat both vegetables and animal products.

Fatties are Christian. Fatties are Muslim. Fatties are Jewish. Fatties are pagan. Fatties are agnostic. Fatties are atheist. Fatties fall under any number of spiritual and religious umbrellas.

Fatties drive cars. Fatties take the bus. Fatties cycle. Fatties use segways. Fatties ride motorcycles.

Fatties go out on the town. Fatties go to bed early.

Fatties dress in wild and outrageous outfits. Fatties dress for comfort. Fatties dress modestly. Fatties wear dresses. Fatties wear trousers. Fatties wear t shirts with band logos on. Fatties wear jeans, including skinny jeans.

Fatties are a whole load of other things too.

Fatties can be whatever they want to be.

Fatties can do whatever they want to do.

Fatties come in all shapes and sizes.

Fatties are people too, and I think it’s time everybody started treating us that way.

(Sorry for the focus on relationships in the early section. In my experience, trying to get into a relationship is one of the more common reasons for losing weight, and a major cause of families trying to get fate people to lose weight. It's not necessarily that I believe romantic relationships are more important than the other things mentioned.)

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