Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years ReVolution and Goals for 2011

Generally speaking I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. People don’t stick to them very well, and I’m worse than average at keeping my resolutions. I decided that this year I would buck the trend slightly. Only instead of a resolution that will barely make it to February, I want t set myself some goals for this year. I have a range of things I want to achieve, from the small things to the fairly big things. I want to set goals that I know I can achieve; things that I have control over and I don’t have to rely on other people for.

In addition to the goals I want to set for the year, I came cross the New Year’s ReVolution campaign. The papers today have been full of statistics saying that weight loss is the top resolution for the New Year, and the women’s mags are stuffed full of adverts for weight loss products. Instead I am joining the campaign to put out body positive messages and let people know there is an alternative to hating your body.

My goals for this year are all well within the remit for HAES and body positivity. This time last year I hadn’t heard of HAES and was definitely not in a body positive mindset. I’m looking forward to what 2011 holds for me as I continue on this journey of self love.

So without further ado, here are my goals for 2011;

Learn to juggling three ball cascade

Learn at least three new tricks for each of poi, staff, devil stick and diabolo.

Be more active in everything I do; physically, in my activism, in the things I enjoy.
            I will achieve this by;
                        - Continuing to practice juggling once a week.
                        - Going for a walk once a week, lasting at least half an hour.
- Finding a way of moving my body that I enjoy and can do once or twice a week.
- Blogging at least once every fortnight.
- Standing up for my fat accepting, body positive, HAES beliefs whenever I have the chance.
- Talking about body positivity in all my internet places. And with my friends offline too.
- Continuing to read up on awesome recipes, then making them.
- Working hard at my final semester at uni.

Drink more tea.

Read more books for pleasure rather than work.
- I want to have read the size positive books I currently have by the end of February.
- Read three more size positive books by the end of the year.
- Read four of the fiction books I have sitting on my shelf.

Continue to add things into my diet.
                        - By having a green smoothie once a week (at least).
- Introduce more veggies into my dieting by eating meatless meals once a week.
- Add more wholegrains and none wheat carbs into my diet. Starting with using up the pearl barley and millet seeds I already have.
- Baking biscuits and making my own sweets more often.
Looking after myself better, especially my feet. I have a whole plan for this.

Trying new things whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Forgive myself if I miss any of these goals. This might actually by the most important goal.

Participate in the 2011 New Year ReVolution by doing all of the above.

With a bit of luck, some hard work and a lot of fun, this time next year I should be posting about how I’m met and exceeded these goals. I hope you will all join me for the ride.

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