Saturday, 12 February 2011

Quick Hit: Just think about it for a second.

So I made the mistake of reading the comments over at this awesome post.

Dear Fat-Haters, trolls, and anyone who believes people can lose weight "easily if only they would try"; if it's so easy to lose weight then why are there so many diet companies and plans?. Surely if it was so damn easy to lose weight we would have found the one magic way to make everyone thin and stuck to it? And if that were the case wouldn't everyone be thin already?

And another things; hate and shame is never going to make people thin. If it did I promise you there wouldn't be a thin person on the planet. There is enough vitriol spouted daily that fate shame and hatred has reached such a concentration in our atmosphere that fat people in remote locations away from western media would have been made thin already. Hate does not make a person thin, and it certainly doesn't make them healthy. All it does is make their lives more miserable.

Angry making comments made me angry,


  1. Why are there still fat people if diet and exercise were surefire remedies?

    Basically it's not about health, weight loss, or any other constructive ideal. It's about making themselves feel superior to someone. That's why they do it.

  2. Exactly.

    It's days like this that deomstrate just how dangerous the phrase "everyone knows..." actually is.