Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hooray For Trolls

I might not have posted here in a while but I'm obviously doing something right as I just had my first troll comment. Three of them in fact. None of them were anonymous though unsurprisingly their Blogger accounts were set to private. Even more unsurprisingly they were all male.

I honestly have no problem with people disagreeing with any of the content in my blog. But if you want to make a pro-dieting comment you sure as hell better back it up with something better than "I was a chubby kid and now I'm not" or an "everyone knows how simple it is to lose weight".

Eighteen months ago comments like the ones I just got would have been a horrific experience for me. A real blow to my self esteem. But today, when I got the email notifications all I did was laugh. I honestly don't understand people who choose to spend their free time posting nasty comments on peoples' blogs. Maybe it's just because I have better things to do with my time. Perhaps its just because I'm not an asshat.

In any case, let me make something abundantly clear. This is MY space. This is where I'm working out the best way for me to deal with living in this world. It is my space and I control what goes into it. Any comments that are offensive will be deleted. Any that I don't like will be deleted. Feel free to make pro-dieting comments, but they better be polite, as respectful as possible and be backed up with some awesome scientific references using the Harvard System of Referencing.

If you disagree with me the internet is big place. There's space for you to have your own say. But not here. My space my rules.

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  1. I got slammed with them this week too, as did Frances. Someone has set up some kind of bot to troll Fat Acceptance blogs.

    What sad little lives they must lead.