Monday, 20 February 2012

Change of Focus

Note, pressing the button won't actually do anything.

You may notice that there have been one or two changes around here. There's a reason for that.

I've come to realise that I'm really quite rubbish at keeping a blog, and even worse at keeping a blog dedicated to a specific topic. Therefore, in order to try and stimulate my writing juices (ew!) I've converted my blog from one solely about my PhD to a general all purpose blog where I can keep thoughts on any topic whatsoever.

In addition to changing the focus of this blog, I've also closed my other blog, and imported the posts here. In fact, this blog now represents all of the combined blogging I've done in my life as I've imported my livejournal from way back when. Feel free to browse all the embarrassing content.

It's nice to keep everything in one place.

Expect infrequent ramblings that may cover topics including my PhD, Fat Acceptance, Juggling and random stuff I've found on the internet.

So, what's the new blog title all about. It's a bit of a silly play on two nicknames that I have acquired. Captain Raz has been my nickname since I was about 14, and it now my handle for just about anything I do on the internet. Raz has been a nickname for so long I don't really remember how it came about. All I know is that I became Raz because I had friends calling themselves Fraz, Maz and Gaz. You see the pattern there?  Raz was my most prominent nickname during the time I was in the Scouts. The Captain got added into the mix due to my propensity for wearing sailor's captain hat whilst kayaking. I even wore it whilst rafting in the North Sea. my raft got overturned by a wave, and when I resurfaced I was still wearing the hat. I still think that's one of the coolest things I've managed to achieve in my life.

Tonks has been my major nickname since I came to university. It is far more ubiquitous than Raz ever was; so much so that my boyfriend refers to me almost exclusively as Tonks, and I have friends who forget my real name because they didn't find it out until we'd been friends a few months. Doctor Tonks is a nickname I intend to take that far off day when I've completed my PhD. It's a hopeful title, as getting there is far from certain, but with a little luck some of that journey will get written down here.

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