Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday Poem: Ode to the Colour Yellow

This morning I asked Sam what I could do today to decrease World suck. He suggested I should write a poem, so I did.

I don't do this very often, so please excuse my rhymes.

I found something yellow and cheery

Ode to the Colour Yellow

Oh Yellow! You most underused of colours,
When choosing my clothes I invariably reach for others,
Day after day I hear you cry,
Why other colours, why?
Why not me? Have I offended you in some way?
Did I upset your mother in some sort of way?
I have to answer in the negative when I reply,
Truth be told I am not quite sure why,
When I think of colours I choose the opposite of you,
For a long time now black has been my favourite hue.
Perhaps it is because you are bright and happy,
I’ve never like to draw people’s attention to me.
Perhaps it is simply because I am scared
Of drawing attention and peoples stares,
What might they say? What might they do?
The questions cause concern it is true.
But that is no reason for you to be so neglected,
While other colours in the spectrum are more respected.
I know I should reconsider my choices,
And think of all the other colours which lack voices,
I cannot promise that I will bedeck myself in bright shades,
My current habits have been formed now for decades,
But I can promise that I will try,
And think upon the reason why,
I choose to blend in instead of stand out in a crowd,
Why I choose to be subdued instead of shouting out loud,
And I will think of you, oh beautiful yellow,
When I choose my wardrobe shades more mellow,
And once in a very small while,
I’ll allow you to make me smile.

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