Wednesday, 9 September 2015

#whimword - Gate

She could have sworn the gate hadn't been there before. Lucy had been walking home this way for years and couldn't remember seeing it previously. Surely she would have noticed it if it had always been there?

A more important question was: where did it lead? Lucy imagined the gate was a portal to another realm, one filled with adventure and magical creatures, where good would always triumph over evil. She fantasized about leaving her well worn path between home and work and finding out where the gate led.

Maybe she'd find herself a hero of some sort. She could rescue a princess from a dragon, fall in love and marry her. Or maybe she'd slay a giant, find some long lost treasure. The possibilities seemed endless. All she had to do was step off the path, follow her heart and go through the gate to find out where it went.

She could shrug off her boring everyday life with the nine-to-five job and the pile of dirty dishes waiting for her at home. All she had to do was change her course, just a little.

Lucy sighed, shoved her hands in her pockets and continued the walk home. Maybe tomorrow.


#whimword is an informal flashfic competition run by @whimword on twitter.

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