Friday, 24 June 2016

#whimword - Bite

Dani hadn't realised it could be this cold without actually, you know, snowing.

Stuck on a mountainside in April with nothing but a sleeping bag and a few millimetres of the highest tech tent material between her and the elements wasn't exactly her idea of fun, but here she was. She always was easy to talk into things.

"I hate you, you know," she grumbled at her companion.

"I know," replied Carrie, smirking despite the chill. "I didn't think the weather would be this bad though."

The sound of rain on the canvas and the howl of the wind stood in testament to just how bad the weather was.

"If you're not going to apologise for dragging me on this sodding camping trip despite the fact I don't do outdoors things or or exercise, then the least you can do is let me steal some of your body heat."

"By all means," said Carrie. "I'm fucking freezing my tits off as well."

Not literally, Dani hoped. That would be a damn shame; they were lovely tits.

Harrumphing loudly just so Carrie knew how annoyed she was, Dani slithered and squirmed and squeezed herself into the other woman's sleeping bag. They could have opened the sleeping bag up and made it easier, but then what little warmth Carrie had managed to generate would have been lost.

"This was supposed to be romantic," Carrie mused once Dani had stopped wriggling.

Dani rolled her eyes. "Only you would consider climbing up the side of a mountain for our anniversary fucking romantic." Her words were annoyed but her voice was soft; no matter the discomfort, no matter how cold the wind biting at their skin was, she still loved this woman. And there could be worse fates than being stuck in a sleeping bag with your wife. "It's just a shame its too cold to do anything interesting."

"Yeah," said Carrie, pulling a face. "I had such plans." She affected a dramatic voice and if she'd been capable of moving her limbs, Dani suspected she would have put her hand to her forehead.

"Your plans will just have to wait. The only thing we're doing for the next eight hours is trying desperately to sleep. Now stop moving."

"Yes ma'am."

Dani snuggled into the pocket of warmth created by Carrie's body, shimmying up and down slightly to try and get comfortable. The situation wasn't sexy, wasn't romantic, but it could have been worse. She said as much out loud and got a playful smack for her trouble.

"You know you just jinxed everything, right?" Carrie asked with a laugh. "Now the tent is gonna start leaking or something."

Dani grumbled. "It's still all your fault. I'm never listening to you again. In fact, I want a divorce when we get off this godforsaken mountain."

"No you don't," Carrie said softly.

"No, no I don't," Dani agreed.

She drifted off, content in the arms of the woman she loved, and miraculously, the tent didn't leak.

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