Sunday, 29 January 2017

Untitled Poem

I was thinking of trying to sell this one but I feel like a lot of people need this right now. So here it is, freely available, my gift to the world.

Untitled Poem

Remaining hopeful in an increasingly hopeless world is a radical act
They want us hopeless, bent and cowering; that's a fact
But hope is hard to find when there's something wrong with your brain
Chemicals chasing round and round, driving you insane
All the more reason to cling on tightly to hope
And love, when you're at the end of your rope
It's hard work, beleive me, to keep fighting when your brain wants to die
Takes every ounce of energy just to keep your head high
But I soldier on, keep living out of spite
A fuck you to those who want me out of the fight
And though I may not live to see the end of the bad times
At least I know I did my best, refused to toe the line
When those in power want me dead, or worse
I can say I stood tall, my mouth full of curses
I did my best and fought the good fight

That's all anyone can ask of me; to do what's right.